10 Naxals held in Jharkhand in connection of Toklo IED blast

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast took place in a small area named Toklo of Jharkhand on the 4th of March. The blast took the lives of 3 jawans of state police on duty.

Today morning the reports came in that ten Naxals were arrested by the Jharkhand police in the Chaibasa region. They are arrested as they are found to be the main suspects in the blast that killed three jawans. The arrests happened on Saturday.

The police gave a statement that 10 Naxals are held in their involvement of IED blast on March 4which took the lives of 3 jawans of the jaguar unit. All the 10 people were identified as active members of the Naxal outfit. They all are experts in IED and claymore blast. On further interrogation, they revealed that they rehearsed the act a lot of times before bringing it into action. They planted the IED on the Route which was taken by the Force regularly and waited for them to fall for their bait.

One of the Naxals climbed up the trees to carry out the signals for the blast. After the horrific act, they escaped through the jungle. Right after the blast, teams consisting of CRPF, police of district, and technical department formed teams to track down and arrest them. The team nabbed one Ramrai Hansda who revealed the whole plan and the whereabouts of others involved in the crime.

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