11marked breathless after consuming toxic liquor in Madhya Pradesh

On midnight of Monday stepping to Tuesday, around 11 people marked dead after taking harmful solvent in Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

From Monday onwards, the people who were suffered by the liquor reported at distinct government hospitals due to major deterioration. About 3 people have died in Pahawali Village, 8in Manipur village 20km away from district headquarters and 7 people have been hospitalized in Gwalior. According to preliminary reports of post-mortem, the decease seems to be appeared caused by consumption of toxic liquor.

The state authority has commanded for inquiry. The cops have initiated to charge and arrest the accused who were associated with the of such injurious solvent.

In October same incident took place were 11people were found breathless after consuming such harmful liquid in Ujjain, the present case can be marked as the second one.

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