China: 12 out of 22 miners trapped in a Gold mine for 9 days are still alive

Miners stuck in a gold mine in China. (Source:- Bussiness Insider)

12 out of 22 miners are stuck in a Gold mine in eastern china's Shandong province for 9days are still alive. Rescuers said they trapped underground after an explosion in a Chinese gold mine. The State media said, the workers somehow managed to send a handwritten note to the rescuers. The handwritten note conveyed that four workers are injured and the rest are deteriorating due to lack of fresh air and water.

The explosion took place in the Hushan mine on 10th January. The manager in charge was failed to report the incident for more than a day after the explosion. After 30hours they were able to report and they were facing a lot of criticism from those who were responsible. Two senior local officials are sacked. According to the rescuers, it is a tough rescue operation since the surrounding hard rocks make the drilling of the new shaft is quite difficult. They are still trying to clear debris from the explosion and trying to reach the workers.

Mine-accidents are common in China. Their industry often lacks safety measures and regulations. The mine in Qixia was under construction when the blast occurred. Among many coal mine accident in china, there occurred two fatal accidents which claimed 23lives. However, the rescue operation is still underway.

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