13 COVID patients died as fire breaks out in Maharashtra’s hospital at Varar

Out of ninety, thirteen covid patients lost their lives, at ICU in a fire caused because of an explosion in AC, Source: Deccan Herald.

Tragic incident:

Maharashtra was struck with third tragedy this morning, where 13 COVID-13 people died, at the intensive care unit (ICU), after fire broke out in the second floor of fourth storied of Vijay Vallabh hospital at Varar in Palghar district around 3 am. Firefighters extinguished the fire by 5:20am. The tragedy comes right after two days, after 22 COVID-19 patients on life support, suffocated to death , after they lost oxygen supply because of a leak, at a civic hospital in Nasik. Reason:

Vivekanand Kadam, the chief of District Disaster Control cell told PTI the fire started after an explosion in the AC unit of the ICU.


Dr Dilip Shah, CEO of Vijay Vallabh hospital, reported that there were 90 patients admitted when the incident took place, out of which 17 patients were in the ICU. No casualties faced outside the ICU unit, but 13 people lost their lives, while the survivors were rescued and were transferred safely to different hospitals. The gender of the patients remained unidentified since they have been charred beyond recognition. As per the list, released by the brigade department, the youngest patient aged 23, while the oldest aged 68, Avinash Paul, who came to the hospital to admit his friend’s mother, became an eyewitness instead and reported, the hospital didn’t have any fire safety measures, like water sprinklers and very few fire extinguishers, which wasn’t being taken into use plus he mentioned, that there were no doctors present, only two nurses when the incident occurred. Reactions:

Relatives of deceased, filled with sorrow and burning with rage, after hearing about the incident and is demanding action to be taken against those responsible for this tragedy. Official Statements:

Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray, ordered a probe, meanwhile prime minister, Narendra Modi, aided 2 lakh for the deceased’s family member, and 50,000 for severely injured.

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