13-year-old son Beheaded By His Mother; Woman Commits Suicide Later

Bulandshahr: A very dreadful incident took place in Bulandshahr, UP on Wednesday. A 21-year-old woman beheaded her 13-month-old son. Afterward, she committed suicide jumping from the roof of the house. The woman was a resident of Vijay Nagalia village. It was under the jurisdiction of Ramghat Police Station.

Police received the complaint from the woman's brother-in-law.

The woman was named Jitendri. On Wednesday night, she was sleeping with her family members in the room. Her son Rakshit was also one of them. She took her son on the roof and beheaded him with a sharp-edged farm tool. This happened at around 1 am at night. Later she jumped off the roof herself.

The family members began searching for them when they noticed their absence. They found Rakshit’s beheaded corpse on the roof. And eventually, Jitendri was found near the ruins of another house.

The woman’s brother-in-law, Jitendra lodged a police complaint about initiating an investigation. Jitendri’s husband, Ranjit Kumar is a worker in a Jaipur-based Rajasthan. The Police consider that the woman was mentally unstable. There will be further investigation on the matter, as stated by Vandana Sharma, CO, Dibai

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