14 Doctors in Uttar Pradesh resigned; reason: 'mental harassment' and 'misbehavior by officials.

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On 12 May, 14 doctors from various community and health centers in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh submitted their joint resignation letter because of mental harassment and misbehavior by senior administration officials. However, these doctors assured the resignations will not affect their duty till talks were on with the authorities. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, the district general secretary of the Provincial Medical Services’ Association said, “We are forced to take such a step because despite working round-the-clock since last year, we are regularly being harassed and threatened to be sent to jail by administrative officials. They scold us by making a false allegation that we are not working responsibly." Kumar is one of the 14 who resigned. He is also the superintendent of the Ganj Moradabad health center. Sharad Vaishya, another doctor who resigned informed — “Our teams hit the ground at noon every day, ensures that covid patients are isolated, provides them with medical help, and by 4-5 in the evening the sub-divisional magistrate calls up for a review. The doctors are forced to drive 20-30 kilometers to healthcare centers for these meetings.” Vaishya also said that the CMO and other officials threaten them with — first information reports, financial audits, and other proceedings, in case a lapse was found. The incident came a day after the officials in charge of the Asoha primary health centers and Fatehpur Chaurasi were removed by the district administration. The district administration denied the allegation and claimed that they had transferred the 2 removed officials as per policy. Dr. Kumar claimed, "The administration took an action without seeking an explanation from them. The superintendents of both the health centers were doing their job with sincerity." Dr. Ashutosh Kumar, Unnao’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) said, that he had no clue that these officials were angry with the district administration. He said, “Before making such a move, they should have shared their problem with me. I came to know about the matter in the evening today when I returned to my office. I spoke about it with the DM and he has called a meeting tomorrow. We hope the matter will be resolved soon." Ravindra Kumar, the District Magistrate (DM) said on May 13, that the Chief Minister Adityanath’s Office had spoken to the doctors and soon they will come with a solution, he said: “They are part of our team, they are not strangers... We will get over this."

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