15-year-old saves woman from acid attack

Husband attacks wife with acid, the son emerges to save the lady to safety. (Source: www.livelaw.in )

Kolkata: The incident occurred on 12th February, Friday in Chowbhaga, Anandapur. An elderly man suspected his 34-year-old wife to have an extra-marital affair and that she would soon be tying bonds with that man. At around 2:50 pm, the couple raged into a fight and in the heat of the argument, the husband rushed to the bathroom only to come back with sink-cleaning acid.

Their 15-year-old son realized what his father was up to, and in no time, he pulled away from his mother to safety as the father threw the acid aiming at her face. The acid didn’t touch her skin. It fell on her saree. The minor, a 10th standard boy, saved his mother because of his quick actions. His presence of mind saved the woman, leaving her to succumb to no injuries. The accused had fled after this incident.

Together, the mom-son duo escaped with no major injury. But as a precautionary measure, we took the victim to CNMC Hospital for a necessary checkup. A probe is on.” Said DC (east) Gaurav Lal.

Acid attacks are often referred to as “crime of passion”, instigated by jealousy and revenge; revenge whose reasons might be temporary, but the kind of scars that it leaves is permanent, both on the victims’ skin and on their lives. These are impulsive actions taken by humans and the rage mostly finds its source from the repudiation of some proposal or idea. Whatever it is, such kinds of acts of violence need no justification. Entwined with domestic violence, often the combination takes a deadly toll on Indian females majorly. Acid attacks had reached a peak in 2018 in our state as per the information given by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The demand for the complete abolishment of easy sale of acids in markets is a diminishing war cry now, as we encounter such gruesome incidents even today.

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