160 kgs of marijuana seized and misreported by Delhi Police

Delhi Police suspended for misreporting 160kg of marijuana

On 11th September 2020, 160 kgs of marijuana were seized by Delhi Police, which was further misreported by the police team who conducted the case. It was reported that the raid was conducted by a team of four policemen, including two sub-inspectors and two head constables posted at Jahangirpuri police station, in Northwest Delhi. The team was suspended as they allegedly misreported the quantity of marijuana. They seized approximately 160 kgs of marijuana but reported the only 1kg of it and sold the rest. It was reported by a senior police officer said that the drugs were seized from a local drug peddler in Delhi, who was later in set off after the police took a bribe of Rs 1,5 lakh from him in order to "settle the matter" outside the purview of the law. According to reports, the peddler was a man named Anil, who has procured the drugs from Odisha. It's ironic how this incident comes in the wake of the growing and ongoing debate and investigation in the use of drugs by Indian celebrities.

This incident has opened up a Pandora's Box in Bollywood, while many call for a second look at the criminalization of drugs in India. India passed the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act in 1985 which criminalized cannabis in the form of buds (ganja) or resin (charas) while allowing the sale of 'bhang' - a byproduct of cannabis, which is consumed heavily during the festivals of Holi and Shivratri in India.

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