17years Schoolboy attacked Stranger in order to complete online task in Dehradun, goes missing

The fatal mishaps due to online death games and traps again peeping here and there in the country.

A 17years schoolboy from Uttarakhand has attacked a woman with a knife in Nehru Colony, Dehradun on Monda, evening. Allegedly he attacked the woman as a part of a task given to him on an online chatting platform by his chat partner.

He went missing since then, leaving his mobile phone in his home. His parents complained about him going missing in the Patel Nagar area. The incident came to light only after that. While probing the case, shockingly police find out about his link with an online platform. Where his chat partner naming Discord gave texted him " Task- To kill someone, to suicide or to disappear."

Yogendra Singh Rawat, senior superintendent of police, Dehradun said, "The Nehru Colony police, while probing the assault case, checked his mobile phone during which it came out that he was involved in chatting with a stranger on an online chatting platform named Discord where he was given the task of attacking a person." Rawat also expressed his deep concern over the matter as these online death traps are alarmingly increasing day by day. These games and tasks are destroying the mental health of numerous children, sometimes even their life.

Police are trying constantly to find him out so that the whole trap can be unearthed.

"He was last seen near Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh which suggests that he might still be there. Police are trying to find him as soon as possible." said another officer. He also added, Meanwhile, the woman who was attacked is undergoing treatment in hospital. She had sustained serious wounds in her neck and torso."

Experts and Psychiatrists are of the view that the communication gap and growing loneliness are the primary causes of these fatal incidents. The parents should try their best to make time for their children, their internet use should be in strict vigilance of parents till a certain age. Children better are introduced to nature, books, other family members or pets rather than the internet or other electronic gadgets.

As soon as any of the children's friends or parents find out about this kind of annihilating activities wasting any moment they should be taken to the professional counsellors and report to the police.

Only a few months back, the terrible impacts of Blue Wheel, MoMo and other death games shook the world.

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