18 Months baby girl Raped in Madhya Pradesh

A teen raped an 18-month-old girl. Horrific but true, this incident took place in the city of Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. According to a senior police official, the alleged teen is a relative to the girl and on he has been taken in police custody on Sunday from Jabalpur, around 110Km away from the place where the incident took place.

According to the Additional Superintendent of Police, Shiv Kumar Singh, the incident took place on Saturday night.

The child's mother had gone out to purchase vegetables and her father had not yet returned home from his workplace. Finding the situation favorable for his disgusting intention, the 19-year-old ended up committing the heinous sin to an 18-year-old infant.

After returning home, the infant's mother had found the infant in a state of distress and quite naturally, rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, the child is found to be out of danger.

The woman then approached the police to report the incident after which the accused 19-year-old was held under IPC and POCSO Act provisions.The accused was caught from a village in Jabalpur's Katangi area.

Incidents like these suggest that it is not the clothing donned by the women which are inappropriate, it is the mentality and thoughts donned by the mind of such hideous creatures which are inappropriate. If a pure and innocent newly born soul is not safe, how can we expect to keep the older ones safe? Questions and doubts arise on the essence of humanity - has it been diluted with a lack of conscience and the presence of lust in large proportions?

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