18-year Chicago Man caught sexually assaulting a 7-year old during online class

The perpetrator was caught by the teacher and classmates during online class

Catrell A. Walls, 18, was caught sexually assaulting a seven-year-old during an online class. The horrific incident took place in West Chesterfield during a break from an online class on Thursday. The teacher had asked students to mute themselves and turn their cameras.

However, the victim's camera was turned on. The teachers and the classmates saw the sexual abuse act taking place. Students were asked to log off immediately. The man was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor and was held without bail on Saturday. Walls has been sexually assaulting the girl since last year as reported by Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Andreana Turano.

Turano said, quoting the victim, "He made me put my lips on him and this has happened before and I don't want my daddy to know it's a secret." Wall is a senior in high school who was already on bail for a gun charge. His lawyer argues he has somewhat of a disability that keeps him from controlling his impulses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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