2 girls raped by an 11year old counting in group of 6 at West Bengal

Two girls raped in Birbhum district

Six boys counting an 11-year-old stated to rape two girls at Birbhum, West Bengal.

The incident took place on Saturday when the claimed suspects forcefully took the two girls to a forest when they were coming back from a grocery store. On the same day o local festival was ongoing in their village under Rampurhat police station area. After returning the victims haven't uttered a word about the incident but soon their condition started demeaning and was taken to Rampurhat hospital on Sunday. After checking up doctors doubted rape and reported the officers.

The police arrested all the accused on Monday. Till 26 January all the accused were decided to preserve in a government home by a juvenile court while the treatment is going on with the girls in the hospital.

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