2 men punished for indulging into gay relationship in ﹰIndonesia

On Thursday, two men were punished with 77 slashes of sugarcane for indulging in a gay relationship in sharia ruled Aceh region of Indonesia.

According to the police, the age of the men were 28 and 27, they are caught having a physical relationship in a rented room. They are charged by the landlord who became suspicious after watching him bringing several men to his room on a daily basis.

At a public punishment session, they were condemned to 80 slashes each but were caned 77 times at Taman Sari park.

Aceh is the only region where sharia law is being practiced. The local government makes such arrangements to carry out punishment publicly. The sharia code in Aceh controls mixing of sexes, gambling, drinking, rape, sexual harassment, and homosexual sex.

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