2 minors arrested for killing their mother in Odisha

The sons hit their mother with an iron rod

A 40-year old woman was killed by her sons in the Sundarpada area of Bhubaneshwar. Her sons, aged 12 and 15 allegedly hir her with an iron rod and then gagged her with a polythene bag which caused her death.

According to the police, last night the victim had an argument with the boys which turned violent. The mother started thrashing her sons over a petty issue which made her sons enraged and then they attacked her.

The boys moved the body to the body to the bathroom and escaped from their house. On Thursday morning they reported the security guard that a person had attacked their house and murdered their mother. The police came and examined the house. Finally, the minor boys admitted to their crime and will be sent to a correctional home.

The police stated that the father who works in Rourkela has been informed about the incident. The woman used to live with her sons alone in the apartment where they had moved in three months ago. The body has been sent for post mortem.

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