2 UP girls jumps off running bus to protect themselves for harrassment

Again a shameful incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh. Two girls who are presently studying in class 12 were forced to jump off a running bus, to protect themselves from harassment.

On Thursday, approximately at 10, this incident took place in Greater Noida which is located near Delhi. Both the two girls are from Ranhera village. According to the information, both the girls hired a private bus to reach Bulandshahr. Both of them choose the middle seat of the bus. After a while, four youths seated in the front seat and started to pass obscene comments.

Both of the victims asked the bus driver to stop the bus but the driver refuses. Only to protect themselves both of them decides to jump off the bus.

According to the information, the bus driver instead of stopping at the stop moves to another way. When girls questioned about this the driver in reply said, "that the bus was plying on a different route and refused to stop despite repeated requests"

According to the police report, “The youths started commenting saying that the bus would not stop here. They said things like ‘aaj to nahi rukegi bus’ (today the bus will not stop) and ‘mazaa aa gaya’ (it’s going to be fun today). We sensed trouble and went towards the back of the bus from the middle as we were scared. My friend again asked to bus driver to stop but he continued to drive. Then we jumped from the bus one by one."

Both of the victims got severe injuries. One of them got injuries on head, foot and waist. While the other girl sustained a hand and a leg fracture. An FIR was registered against all the four youths.

Police said, "the parents of the affected girls have not mentioned the allegations concerning the remarks made by the youths. They only stated that the driver refused to stop the vehicle. Therefore, only the bus driver has been booked under Sections 279 (rash driving), 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life) and 337 (causing hurt to any person) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Police further stated that the driver has apologised and the matter is being resolved."

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