27yr-old man arrested for strangling pregnant wife, tries to escape in Parbhani

GRP has arrested a 27yr-old man from Borivli-Dahisar, allegedly murdering her pregnant wife.

Umesh Magar, the accused murdered his wife Puja (23) on 4th March, then with the help of his friend Ganesh Pitale dumped the body and escaped to Mumbai.

Pitale said he was unaware of the murder Umesh told him that she has died by suicide. After the murder, Pitale and he packed the body in a sack, dumped it in a canal before boarding a bus for Mumbai.

Parbhani Police Deputy Superintendent, Rajendra Pal said: "Umesh and Puja were together for four years. Umesh started to suspect her fidelity and the two had fights. Puja was 4months' pregnant".

GRP was informed on 5th March, based on the mobile location tracking system police recognised the accused will be near Borivili. Three police team searched the railway stations with their photographs but couldn't find.

Then again, Pitale's phone location showed him in Pune near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. A team stormed there and learnt that a man matching his description had boarded a tourist bus for Pune.

Senior inspector Bhaskar Pawar said: "We found out which bus Pitale boarded but the vehicle was boarded but the vehicle was moving. Our team started to chase it and after a while, they got the driver's phone no. The driver was cautioned to go slow but not halt or anything like that which can alert Pitale."

As Pitale got arrested he disclosed that Umesh was hiding in Dahisar's Vaishali Nagar slum. Another police team went and

Arrested Umesh. Both the accused were handed over to Parbhani Police where they are booked for murder.

Meanwhile, Umesh's sibling consumed pesticide and committed suicide on Monday. Police say it can be related to Puja's murder.

During the investigation, Umesh confessed to his killing of his wife. He said, after the murder, he went to the market and met Pitale in there. He invited him in his place and seeing the body of his wife pretended to be shocked. He said to Pitale that she has committed suicide. Then with the help of Pitale, he wrapped the body in a sack and dumped it in a dry canal at Selu.On that night they bordered a bus to Mumbai.

The body was found by Parbhani Police the next day.

Police said that Umesh has criminal records in Nanded and Parbhani.

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