29 deaths detected after conducting Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine in Norway

According to official figures, around 30,000 have gone through first shot Pfizer's vaccine since the end of December. The main side effects to be noted are fever and nausea, which could result in fragile patients.

Norwegian Medicines agency reported, about 21 women and 8 men had serious side effects. On the other hand, 9 among the people who died noted to have strict side effects. They had a high fever, allergic reactions, strong discomfort and pain at the injection spot. Whereas 8 among the dead had fewer side effects.

The severe side effect and deaths detected after mass vaccination campaigns took place among huge crowd. Such side effects are noted in the US and UK too. Norway marked 57,279 cases of virus and 511 deaths.

Monthly safety reports from association licensed to sell vaccine will be received, reported European Medicines Agency.

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