3 kids drowned in rainwater, bodies found floating in stagnant water: West Bengal

The bodies of the three children were found floating in the stagnant water in Bengal’s Murshidabad district. Image source: Hindustan Times (Getty Images) Incident:

In Bengal’s Murshidabad district, Nandapur village three minor kids drowned in a ditch filled with rainwater. The ditch was dug in a field to collect mud for the local brick kiln. Missing report:

The villagers reported to the police that it has been raining non-stop for the past few days. On Saturday afternoon, the 3 children who were cousins went out to play in the afternoon, after stormy weather and since then haven’t returned home. They identified the children as 6 years old, Rashid Sheik, and two 8 years old, Sahidul Sheik and Asha Khatun. Body found:

Later, the body was found floating in the stagnant water and the children were declared dead on arrival at Nashipur hospital. The incident took place in the Ranitala police station area of Murshidabad. Case final report:

A case of unnatural death has been registered, said police from Ranitala station, and the bodies have been sent for post-mortem examination.

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