3 Killed in fire at matches factory in Karnataka

The news comes in from a factory in Sivakasi in Virudhunagar district which is in Tamil Nadu. A fire broke out in the factory which makes color matches on Saturday. The accident took 3 lives.

One of the people killed died one spot on Saturday. The other two had made through till today morning succumbed to their wounds. It is reported that the fire broke out due to the friction of different chemicals. The room in which the color matches for children were made was damaged partly by the fire.

A senior police officer reported that the friction of chemicals led to a huge blaze. The staff and workers did not get time to realize and respond to the atrocity. The entire room was caught under flames where the workers got choked by the gases. The fire and rescue team doused the fire and helped out the trapped workers. The police revealed that a case has been registered.

Earlier in February, six people were killed due to a huge explosion at the firecracker factory nearby. Nearly ten sheds were burnt to the ground containing chemicals. A total of 15 workers were killed. Over 30 people got injured in the explosion at the fireworks factory near Sattur in the southern district.

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