5 faultless smashed by truck spotted dead in Murshidabad

West Bengal: On Tuesday morning, five picnickers from two families died. 12 others got injured as a truck turn up into their parked vehicle in Rejionagar, NH-34 Murshidabad. The whole group who were out for a picnic hired a mini-truck from Ranaghat for Lalbagh. When the truck bashed their vehicle on the highway they were spotted at a tea stall at Bhangasanko.

The five breathless have been identified as Soma Das Malakar(38), her son Surya (14), sister-in-law Ila(44) and Shilpi(26), and Moon Mondal(35). Four of them died on the spot while Moon passes away at Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital.

The speeding truck and fog are accused of the accident by the observers. According to an observer, the truck rushed soon after hitting the vehicle in top gear.

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