5 police officers, 2 health officers detained for ‘Tiger Skin Ritual’

The news comes in from a small district in Chhattisgarh, Bastar, near the city of Raipur. 8 people got arrested including 5 police officials and 2 health officials. The arrest took place on Friday for possession of tiger skin.

IG of Bastar division P Sundarraj disclosed that he got the information from a local. A few people were going to arrive at a local temple with tiger skin to perform some ritual. The men got trapped near the temple at the dawn of Friday. During interrogation, it was discovered that the tiger skin got procured from the Dantewada district. The tiger skin was being brought to the local temple for some special “tantric pooja”. The police got to know that the “pooja” was supposed to provide prosperity and wealth to the tiger skin beholders.

Head constable Bhomraj Thakur, constables Arun Godiyam and Pavan Kumar Nakka, assistant constables Rakesh Emla and Babulal Majji, health personnel Har Prasad Gavde and Surendra Kumar Dewangan, and Anil Nakka were the accused. The head constable was from Bastar. The rest police officers and health officials were from the Bijapur district. All the people involved got booked under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, provision. Trade or even possession of tiger skin is a punishable crime under the act.

The tiger skin can be worth lakhs In the international market. Its uses include decoration and ornamental purposes. In locals believe that the skin cures fevers caused by the spirits of the deceased. It might also take place in some occult rituals.

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