6 arrested for smuggling gold under their wigs at Chennai airport

At the Chennai airport, six people were arrested for smuggling gold and foreign currency under their wig. As much as 5.5 kilograms of gold worth Rs 2.53 crore and foreign currency worth Rs 24 lakh.

An official stated that Magroob Akbarali (39) of Ramanathapuram and Zubair Hassan Rafiyutheen (26) of Chennai were stopped from exiting the airport. They were stopped because their hair seemed suspicious.

After physically examining, it was found out that they were wearing a wig on their partly shaven head. Under the wigs, they had about 698 grams of gold paste packets hidden.

On Friday, a similar incident took place where Syed Ahamedulla (22) of Ramanathapuram, Santhosh Selvam (33) of Salem, and Abdullah (35) of Chennai was placed under arrest for smuggling gold in their wigs. They were coming from Dubai and Sharjah.

4 passengers going to Sharjah were arrested for hiding foreign currency under their wigs. 67500 Riyals were recovered. They also had 4750 USD, 6500 Dirhams, 800000 Takas hidden in their pants equaling Rs 24.06 lakh.

A 42-year-old man was also taken in for a similar case. The man who arrived in Chennai from Dubai had 3 bundles of gold paste hidden in his rectum.

This past Saturday, a gold paste weighing 1.5 kg was recovered from a person named Anbazhagan (24) of Villupuram. The gold was hidden in his socks. Some of it was also stitched to his undergarments. A person who approached Anbazhagan to buy gold was also arrested.

Another case report says that eight to 10 tola gold bars with marks of foreign weighing 993 grams were found in a cloth bag. The bag was hidden inside a hollow pipe under an aircraft seat. The value of that gold was summed up to be 43.30 lakhs.

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