6 members of a family killed by a man in Visakhapatnam.

A 49-year-old man, identified as Battina Appalaraju killed six people of a family. The incident happened at Juttada village of Pendurthy Mandal on April 16. All six people were attacked with a sickle and died on the spot. Police said that a man from the deceased's family was accused of raping the killer's daughter and was the reason why he killed them. The deceased are identified as Bammidi Ramana and Bammidi Usha Rani (rape accused's father-57 and his wife-30), Allu Ramadevi (53, mother-in-law), and two children- Bammidi Uday (2) and Bammidi Urvasi (6 months). Also, a distant relative was killed with them. Appalaraju went to the house early in the morning and killed them one after the other, according to sources. Though, the main target identified as Vijay Kiran (30), and his eldest son was not at home and is now the only survivor. Police informed that Batinna didn't run away from the crime scene and was arrested with the murder weapon. Appalaraju held a grudge against Vijay as the latter had allegedly raped his daughter after giving her a drink mixed with intoxicants, in 2018. The victim later lodged a complaint that Vijay Kiran called her to his house and raped her several times as she laid unconscious because of the drink. She also informed that Vijay's wife Usha Rani blackmailed her by showing her semi-nude photos and demanded money. She also mentioned 4 other names for cooperating with the prime accused. A rape case was registered by the police as the girl's brother saw the threatening messages and filed a complaint. But the rape accused threatened the girl's family. Later he got out on bail.

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