Modern Social Workers of India

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We know the name of 1000 people who have done a lot to give us freedom. Many people have also sacrificed their lives on 15th August 1947. But do you know still some people like them are with us? Who is doing a lot for common people with no expectations?

Today I’m going to disclose ten such people’s names who are doing social work for us. So doing no further more delay let’s start.

1. Jadav Payeng

When we’re talking about some social workers, we can’t miss this man, he has done a lot. He is the one who has single-handed converted a destroyed land into a 1,360-acre forest. At 16 he has started planting bamboo saplings. At present he is 47 years old, today he lives in his own forest with thousands of Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deer and rabbits, apes and several varieties of birds, and many vultures. According to the information, once forest department wanted to employ him, but he clearly denied it. As he thinks his forest is much more important and is equal to a job. He is known as the forest man.

2. Dr. Rani Bang

This woman has been working with one of the most under-developed tribal communities in central India. She is a gynecologist by profession; she has served most remote areas for over 20 years. This lady along with her husband Abhay has set up the Society for Education, Acton, and Research in Community Health. She has also made awareness among the tribal villages and had also introduced medicine for various purposes. While other doctors are busy getting their stipends but this lady along with her husband has spent their entire life serving tribal communities.

3. Beena Rao

Another amazing woman is Beena Rao. She is one of the best and non-paid professors in India. She has taught slum children for free in Surat, Gujarat. Which has benefited over 5,000 students. Apart from teaching, she has also given free lessons on discipline, yoga, mannerisms.

4. Ritu Biyani

This lady is suffering from breast cancer, but she hasn’t given up. This woman has traveled across the country to spread awareness against breast cancer. This fighter has visited several urban, rural, and tribal areas to give knowledge about this disease. She holds a record in Limca Book of Records, as she is the first woman who has solo driven to spread awareness. She uses to organize various workshops at offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, and army camps to spread awareness about the disease.

5. Shweta Chari

We all used to throw away our old toys after getting a new one. This lady used to collect them and store them in her toy bank to donate them to the street children. She is doing an amazing job as by this initiative a lot of children are going to smile.

Twitter Handle- @shwetagchari

6. Prakash Kaur

When she was a child, her family left her on the streets 60 years ago. But after growing up, she decides she will not allow any girl to be alone. So she opened a Unique Home for girls where she takes care of those girls who have been abandoned by their families. In her house she equally welcomed all the religions, all the girls are having Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh names. She treats all these girls as her own child, and she said she doesn’t want to give them up for adoption.

Not only this much, but there are also thousands of people like them who have done a lot for society. We cannot mention everyone, but we salute them for their great initiative.

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