60 of Gangasagar travellers reported negative till now

About 60 travelers aimed to Gangasagar have set out for Rapid Antigen Tests(RAT) at a Medical camp at Babughat. KMC has built up Quarantine Centre for those who will report positive. As far as the camp said everyone who had gone through the test reported negative.

Due to such pandemic ambiance, the count of people who is traveling to Gangasagar during Makarsankranti in the middle of January is 50,000 to 70,000. Whereas it crossed 8-9 lakh the previous year. Though the number is still huge for a pandemic, the authority is anxious for the huge gathering which could turn into a Rapid Spreading.

Officials of Public health engineering departments and KMC had taken all possible preparations. To take care of the travelers and the virus spreading too. The quarantine center can hold up to 50 Covid patients which have been set up next to Mohun Bagan ground. If they got any possible symptoms they will go through an RT-PCR test and will be hospitalized. Friday onwards the RAT camp has been functioning 24×7. RAT tests marked better than RT-PCR as they cost less and are faster, though the efficiency rate differs from one another.

The number which was expected to be emerging at Gangasagar is less than 10%underh other years. Many travelers are identified as locals but they have to be concealed to escape Covid spreading. Escaping gatherings could be the best method, said a health official.

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