5 arrested by Delhi police for manufacturing fake Remdesivir injections.

The recovered 196 fake injections and 3,000 empty vials from the manufacturing unit in Kotdwar in Uttarakhand. (Source of image: India Today)

Delhi Police arrested 7 from Uttarakhand's Kotdwar area for manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdevisir injections. Police said they held 5 on April 29, with 196 fake Remdesivir injections. 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections were already sold by the accused before they busted the industrial unit.

S. N. Srivastava, the Delhi Police Commissioner tweeted, “Delhi Police working on useful information arrested 5 culprits in a prolonged investigation & unearthed a ‘pharmaceutical’ unit at Kotdwar, Uttarakhand manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdesivir injections (COVIPRI) sold at a price over ₹25,000. In all, 196 fake Remdesivir injections were seized. From the premises, packing machines, 3,000 empty vials for packing Remdesivir were recovered. Accused further disclosed that he already sold 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections to people."

IPS officer Monika Bhardwaj, DCP of the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police, posted tweets “for educational purposes” detailing how to differentiate genuine Remdesivir from a fake vial.

A police team has been formed to collect information about people who bought these fake injections. They identify the person who used to run the factory as Aaditya Gautam, who used to run the factory. With the surge in demand for Remdesivir drugs, he made fake Remdesivir injections. He is a resident of Roorkee and got arrested by the Delhi Police. According to police, there are more people involved in the syndicate.

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