7 dead as bombs hit two minivans in Afghanistan.

A view from the damaged site after two bombing attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, on June 12, 2021. (Source of image: The Economic Times)

In a mostly Shia neighborhood in the Afghan capital, on June 12, separate bombs hit two minivans. 7 were killed, leaving 6 injured. Ahmad Zia Zia, the Interior Ministry deputy spokesman said, the minivans were targeted. They were located on the same road about two kilometers apart in western Kabul. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks and it wasn’t clear as to what type of bombs were used. Six people were killed and two injured in the first explosion and the second explosion that took place in front of Muhammad Ali Jinnah hospital, killed one and injured four. The area where the explosions happened is largely populated by the Hazara (a minority ethnic group) who are mostly Shia Muslims. Shias are a minority in mostly Sunni Afghanistan. The Islamic State group has carried out similar bombings in the area before. The local Islamic State affiliate declared war against them. Almost every month, hundreds of Afghans are killed or injured in violence connected to the country’s constant war. Hazaras, who make up around 9% of the population of 36 million people, are alone targeted because of their religion and their ethnicity. Escalation in violence and chaos continues in Afghanistan as the U.S. and NATO continue their withdrawal of the remaining 2,500-3,500 American soldiers and 7,000 allied forces. The last of the troops will be gone by September 11 at the latest.

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