In the past 3 days, in Himachal Pradesh, there have recently been 81 cases of COVID. In this student group, the COVID positive of SAI SCHOOL DHARAM was tested by 79 kids and three personnel in Mandi District.

Schools were closed till 25 September on behalf of PTI, but residential classes remained open. Kids and staff were tested for corona on Tuesday, with 81 case studies of 79 students and 3 staff. Ram Subhag Singh, Chief Secretary and State Chairman of the State Executive Council announced, "All schools, excluding residential institutions, will stay closed till 25 September 2021" "

CMO Doctor Devendra Sharma points out that after COVID cases were recorded at school, the school has been established as a microcontinent zone

The children and staff of Covid were hospitalized and took good care immediately and schools were closed to student quarantine. The schools have taken preventive steps to reduce the number of cases and become micro-contaminated areas.

Now, the instances of Covid reached 217422, while 427 fatality cases were reported in Maharashtra.

Covid's active cases are 1638, and 212127 patients have been treated. There are 311 active cases in Mandi District. Day after day, cases of Covid in INDIA get devastated after only 24 hours.

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