8 died because of the cylinder blast in Uttar Pradesh.

(Source of image: ANI)

On June 1, a cylinder blast in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district killed 8, leaving 7 injured. The incident occurred when one family in the Tikri village was cooking. The blast led to the collapse of two buildings that were next to each other. This trapped 15 people. Markandey Shahi, the District Magistrate, said, "The LPG cylinder exploded in the house of Nurul Hasan around 10 pm on Tuesday which led to the double-story house to collapse. Eight people died in the incident while seven others were seriously injured." They identified the deceased as Nisar Ahmad (35), Rubina Bano (32), Shamshad (28), Sairunisha (35), Shahbaz (14), Noori Saba (12), Meraj (11), and Mohammad Shoeab (2). The injured are now at the Public Health Centre in Nawabganj. Santosh Kumar, the Superintendent of Police informed, “We received a call at UP 112 about a cylinder blast from Wazirganj police station area. The roof of the house collapses. With the help of the police force and local people we started rescue operations.” He added that forensic teams have collected samples from the site and an investigation has been ordered. Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of UP, expressed his grief about the deaths. He instructed the officials to ensure that the injured receive proper treatment. He also asked the district magistrate to look into the cause of the incident and submit a report to the government.

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