8 injured as Vistara's flight hit severe turbulence.

A flyer who suffered injuries is taken to a hospital for treatment. (Source of image: Twitter) On June 7, eight passengers were injured on a Mumbai-Kolkata flight. 15 minutes before landing, the plane encountered severe turbulence in the air. Out of eight injured, five suffered only minor injuries while three were taken to the Charnock Hospital in Kolkata. A total of 113 passengers and an infant were present including 10 crew members. The Vistara flight UK775 was being operated on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It departed from Mumbai at 1:48 pm and arrived in Kolkata at 4:28 pm. Passengers said that shortly after the captain informed about the weather, the plane began to shudder during its descent. Soon, the flyers were thrown off their seats under the impact of the turbulence. The captain of the flight informed air traffic control, and a medical emergency was declared to enable priority landing. C. Pattabhi, the director of the Calcutta airport said, "the aircraft flew into the turbulence while it was descending from 20,000 feet to 17,000 feet about 47km from the city." The turbulence lasted for around 5 minutes. He added, “The plane touched down safely at 4.25 pm, after which the injured passengers were given first aid at the airport. The four who had serious injuries taken to the hospital." The injured are identified as Anita Agarwal (61) who suffered a fracture in the right arm and will need surgery, Timir Baran Das (77) suffered an injury in his spine, Subha (Timir’s son) complained of neck pain, and Sudip Roy (36) suffered a cut on the scalp that required stitches. A hospital source said that except for Agarwal, the three passengers were released. Vistara spokesperson said, “We are saddened by this unfortunate experience our customers had, and are closely monitoring the health status of those injured. We are investigating the incident on priority, and will share a further update at the earliest."

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