8 popular myths about hair you need to stop believing

We all do care about our hair. We are in absolute dismay about our hair care. Sometimes we try to give every possible help for beautiful hair. But still cannot buy hair products which are perfect for us. Almost all of us have heard more or less many myths about our hair once in our life. Like not to use conditioner if you're having oily hair, cutting your hair frequently will increase the hair growth faster. But to be honest these all are not true. Applying conditioner on oily hair won't make hair oily, similarly having a frequent hair cut won't incrase the hair growth.

So today to elaborate this in details we'll discuss 8 popular myths we have heard since our childhood and they are nothing but just a fake news.

• Myth No. 1 : Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

It was believed that cutting your hair frequently will increase the hair growth faster. Which is totally a fake news as hair growth occurs from the root and not from the ends. So cutting the hair ends won't affect the hair growth from follicles.

Myth No. 2 : Frequent shampooing damages your hair.

We all have heard this common myth applying shampoo too frequently can damages our hair and it might leads to hairfall. It's definitely a fake news too. Applying shampoo should be mandatory because our hair used to face a lot of pollution via which many dead cells, excessive oiliness and etc used to their in our hair. So we should shampoo our hair thrice a week or it can be totally depend upon your hair, hair length, style and lifestyle.

Myth No. 3 : Stress causes gray hair.

Our parents and grandparents used to believe this myth a lot. But the truth behind the gray hair is multivariable equation that is determined mostly by genetics and aging. As we used to get old, we used to produce less amount of melanin which causes new hair to come out in gray colour. But according to the scientist, a few percent of stress can actually cause gray hair, as stress can speed up the aging and fallout process, which would cause you to experience more gray hair growth. But till death no scientific evidence hasn't been proven yet.

Myth No. 4 : You should skip conditioner if you have greasy hair.

Greasy hair doesn't occured beacuse of applying conditioner. It used to happen because of sebum an oil which is naturally produced by our body, which is produced by the scalp tissues, causing buildup. But still it's advised to apply the conditioner just at the ends, avoiding the scalp entirely to help keep your hair from looking flat.

• Myth No. 5 : If you pluck one gray hair, two more will grow in its place.

Another fake myth we might have heard this from our elders. Plucking one gray hairs could develop multiple hair at that spot, which is actually not possible in real. But still it is advisable not to pluck your hair as in future you might have to deal which hair problems. So just let the nature do her work.

• Myth No. 6 : You should brush your hair 100 strokes a day.

Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day might damage your hair as well as thicken your hair. Because this is excessive amount which can seriously effect your hair. But brushing is essential as it helps oil to get equally distributed from scalp to the end and to detangle your hair too. So we should brush our hair as per as requirements.

• Myth No. 7 : The Dirtier Your Hair Is, The Faster It Will Grow

Some people assumed that the dirty hair used to grow faster. But this is nothing but just a myth as in reality if we don't wash our hair it will definitely damage our hair. Perhaps no one is going to carry a greasy look with unpleasant odor. So it's better not to follow this.

• Myth No. 8 : Split ends can be repaired

Some of the products available in the market used to show that by applying those products split ends can be repaired. Which is genuinely not a true fact. As till date no such product has been invented. So to get rid of those split ends we just need to cut them of via trimming or cutting the ends to have a gorgeous and healthy look.

These myths are not true and should be avoided in any circumstances. These myths may affect your hair even more. So stick to the truth and take care of your hair.

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