80% of the Indians are willing to take covid-19 vaccine says Harsh Vardhan

The central government stated, Approximately 80% of the Indians are ready to take the vaccine. Union health minister Harsh Vardhan has said, "quoting the survey figures of Edelman PR's Trust Barometer Survey 2021, carried out in 28 countries."

From today India had begun to drive emergency vaccination. According to the information, the country has already pre-planned on how to manage vaccine eagerness and vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine eagerness is the situation when people are over impassioned about getting the vaccine shots, while Vaccine hesitancy is the opposite of vaccine eagerness. Till date, several European countries have reported a high rate of vaccine hesitancy.

The center has advised healthcare workers will be the first one to get the two doses of covid-19 vaccine. After getting the proper response of healing from them the dose will be given to every countryman.

On Thursday via Twitter, The Union Minister has revealed all the rumours regarding corona vaccination such as vaccines may cause infertility, other side effects in men and women. He had clearly stated that none of the people is going to suffer from injecting this vaccine.

According to information, in the next step vaccine will be given to those people frontline workers and people who are at a higher risk of contracting this disease. After that it might be available for common people, further decision regarding injecting vaccination will be done lat

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