9,780 more birds culled in Kila Raipur, 50,000 in last four days

The samples were obtained after an owner of Suba Singh Poultry Farm alarmed the administration about the uncertain death of 1,500 birds.

Deputy commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma has declared 1km radius around the farm as an infected zone and 10km as surveillance zone.

source: Hindustan Times.

The National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal, had claimed avian influenza in samples sent from a poultry farm at Kila Raipur on May 7, prompting the administration to order excision of birds which are affected.

Teams from the animal husbandry department destroyed 102 eggs. As many as 19,200 birds were culled on May 8, 12,400 on May 9, and 8,760 on May 10, taking the four-day toll to 50,140. Authorities say approximately 75,000 birds will be extracted.

source: Tribune.

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Avian influenza Culled birds being disposed of at a poultry farm in Kila Raipur.

The National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal, had confirmed avian influenza (H5N8 virus) in the samples taken from the poultry farm, earlier. Meanwhile, the department has set up a control room at the Civil Veterinary Hospital, Kila Raipur, to monitor the operations.