9 people killed in school shooting in Russia; suspect arrested.

People place lit candles on the ground to form the number 175 after a shooting at school No.175 in Kazan, Russia. (Source of image: Washington Post)

On May 11, A school in Kazan was attacked by a gunman. 9 people were killed, of which 7 were eighth-grade students (four boys and three girls), and the other 2 were a teacher and another school worker. Also, 21 people were hospitalized. The attacker is arrested and an investigation is opened against him.

Ambulances, police cars, and a truck parked outside after shooting in Kazan. (Source of image: The Daily News)

The entire place was in chaos, as the footage released by Russian media showed shattered windows, smoke pouring out, students running out of the building, with gunshot heard in the background. Police sealed the access to the building using a fence and ambulances lined up at the school's entrance after the attack.

Damage inside a school in Kazan' after the explosion. (Source of image: Liveuamap)

According to Russian media, some students escaped while others were trapped. But eventually, all students were evacuated and sent to nearby daycare centers, later collected by their families. Also, additional security measures were immediately put into place in all schools in Kazan, Russia.

Security forces at the site outside the school. (Source of image: The Daily News)

After the attack, 21 people were hospitalized which included 18 children, six of whom were in “severely grave condition.” On May 12, authorities announced a day of mourning to honor the victims of the shooting. All lessons in Kazan schools were canceled.

Flowers and teddy bear in memory of killed school students. (Source of image: The Daily News)

Governor of the Tatarstan republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, said “The terrorist (19 years old) has been arrested. A firearm is registered in his name. Other accomplices haven't been established, an investigation is underway." Vladimir Putin, the Russian President expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and ordered the government to provide them with necessary assistance. Russian officials promised to pay 1 million rubles (roughly $13,500) to the victim's family and 200,000 to 400,000 rubles ($2,700 - $5,400) to the injured. Head of Russia's National Guard, Victor Zolotov, was ordered by the President to revise regulations on weapons allowed for civilians to use during an attack and all gun owners are to be checked in the region. The shooter was a former student of the school, called himself “a god” on his Telegram account where he promised to “kill a large amount of biomass” on the day of the shooting. Meduza, an independent news outlet said that Telegram had blocked the account after the incident. Alexander Khinshtein, a Russian lawmaker said that the suspect received his gun license two weeks ago. At that time, other than a panic button, the school didn't have any security. A plane was sent to Kazan by Russia's Emergency Ministry with doctors, medical equipment, and 2 leading officials -- Mikhail Murashko, the Health Minister, and Sergei Kravtsov, the Education Minister.

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