9-Year-Old Dies After Piece Of Steel Placed Over Firecracker Hits Him

The incident took place on Tuesday

The police informed that a nine-year-old boy covered a firecracker with a steel glass, which after lighting it, stuck in his chest following an explosion. The incident took place in northwest Delhi on Tuesday. He was a student of class 2, identified as Prince.

"The boy took a firecracker and after igniting it placed a steel glass over it. When the firecracker exploded, a portion of the steel glass got stuck his body and he died," a senior police officer said. He was at his maternal uncle, Indrajeet Kumar's shop when the incident took place.

Mr. Kumar said, "Prince placed a steel glass over a firecracker, but it did not explode. When he went close to check, it suddenly exploded and a portion of the glass got stuck in his chest." The boy was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. An investigation is in the process.

The doctors told that a portion of steel cut one of the veins and he dies due to excessive bleeding. At the time of the incident, Prince's father, Ramiqbal Das was at work and his mother was in the fields.

Mr. Kumar said, "Police came and spoke to us regarding the incident. We do not suspect any foul play." Prince was Mr. Das's eldest son.

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