9-year-old raped and murdered in Jorabagan, Kolkata.

Sexual Abuse on a 9-year-old girl. Source: www.dnaindia.com

A 9-year-old minor girl was missing from Wednesday (3rd February) evening. Her body was retrieved from the staircase of a residential building in the Jorabagan area, Kolkata at 6:30 am February 4th. “Her body was lying in a pool of blood”, the police said. The police had arrested a 45-year-old caretaker/security guard of the building on Thursday (4th February), Ram Kumar alias Lombu, who is allegedly accused of rape and murder of the victim. The accused has reportedly accepted the crime but is continuously changing statements. The post mortem however confirmed rape. The locals claim that “the police did not take action when the family had reported the missing child.”

Upon investigation, the following physical evidence was found: a pair of teeth, few strands of hair, and a blood-stained knife that was found from a drain near the Bhoot Bungalow, where the crime scene has occurred. The victim, a resident of Sovabazar, was visiting her maternal uncle's residence in Jorabagan. The local children reported that she was last seen playing with them. The 9-year-old girl was lured with biryani and chips by the accused while she was strolling around the building at 8:45 pm on Wednesday. The food might be drugged, theories say.

4 days after the rape discovery, another suspect emerges into play, who is a marble cutting technician named Ranvir Tanti. Tanti has been arrested upon the new investigation that the girl was gang-raped before being murdered, and the murder weapon, that is, the knife was provided by Tanti. Sources say that Kumar claimed he was too drunk to commit murder even though he’d fetched the knife and Tanti agreed to slit her throat. Tanti will be tried in court while Kumar has been charged under IPC sections 302 (murder), 376AB (rape on a woman under 12 years of age), and Section 6 of the POSCO Act.