97 Passengers traveling in Shramik Special Trains, Reported Dead

Lakhs of People seen traveling with Sharamik express

The rapid rise of Covid-19 cases across the globe has disrupted and solidified the flow of life and thus can be termed as the genesis of an immense number of pitfalls like unemployment, fall in the economic outgrowth, deaths due to the infection accompanied by starvation, rape cases, suicide cases due to depression, fear and loss of jobs, and the list go on.

However, due to the instantaneous decision of passing an order of complete lockdown all over India by the Central Government on 24th March 2020 when the total number of Covid-19 cases crossed over 500, lakhs of people including numerous migrant laborers, who earn their bread and butter on the basis of the daily or monthly wages paid, got stuck at their respective workplaces and couldn’t return back home.

Most had left their families behind and due to the sheer dependence of their families upon them along with an emotional attachment, they craved to return back home. Sometimes materialistic possessions fall short in front of emotional bonds, and thus, most of the laborers decided to walk back home, if not via vehicles. It is a drastically ruthless and pathetic sight for the ears to hear and the eyes to witness that men along with children died in midway due to starvation, sunstroke, cardiac arrest, etc.

News channels even covered the footage of a baby boy of migrant labor of age of approx. 6-7years being put into a suitcase for carrying him back home via walking. However, in order to curb the perilous situation the laborers, tourists, pilgrims, students had been passing through, the Central Government issued an order to the Indian Railways for running Shramik Special trains, which started from 1ST May onwards. In all, 4621 trains were operated between 1st May and 31st August 2020, carrying 6139000 passengers back to their home states in the lockdown period.

A data reported as per the state police portrays that 97 people died while traveling in the Shramik Special till 09.09.2020 and a case has been filed under section 174 of Cr.PC of unnatural deaths, followed by further legal process. A total of 51 post mortem reports have been obtained from respective state police forces so far, in which the reasons for deaths are cardiac arrest/heart disease/brain hemorrhage/pre-existing chronic disease/chronic lung disease/chronic liver disease etc. The police recruited to the railways are subject to maintenance and protection of rail laws.

Facilities and protection by Railway protection Force

Though the Railway Protection Force supplements the efforts of District Police, to provide better protection and facilities henceforth, by the rail ministry, the ones who are gone, are gone, and would never return. The excitement, joy, exasperation of a relative, a family member, a friend with whom one shares emotional bondage coming back home, after a long wait, got painted by colors of lamentation, anguish, and emotional breakdown.

The value of life, is priceless, let it not add a great revenue to the economy of a nation. If better facilities are provided to those traveling in the Shramik Special trains, a big amount would be paid to the emotional thoroughfare of a family, may and let it not be to the economy.

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