A 19YO woman was gang-raped in Ahmedabad: two men and a woman booked

19-YO woman from Mumbai gang-raped by two men in Ahmedabad. The two men ()Shaikh and Qureshi) along with a woman who happens to be Shaikh's girlfriend has been charged for this offense. Source- The Indian Express

A 19-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by two men on Sunday Night. The woman came to Ahmedabad from Mumbai to work as a hostess at catering events with six other women. All the catering workers were put up in a 1BHK flat in Akruti Township in Narol when the alleged incident took place.

Among the accused were the contracting contractor Sahil Shaikh and his friend Taskeen Qureshi along with Shaikh’s girlfriend Tanya Danawala. Narol Police on Monday filed an FIR against Shaikh and Qureshi who are residents of Juhapura. Tanya Danawala who is a resident of Surat has also been charged for abetment of the crime.

The police also added that on Sunday night, the victim along with the three accused people was drinking alcohol in a room. The others were in the hall. At 10:30 PM, the four of them came out, and the victim passed out on the sofa. After a while, Shaikh and Qureshi carried her into the bedroom and raped her. He came out within 10 minutes and then Qureshi and Danawala entered the room. After a while, both of them came out arguing. Later that night, when the victim came back to her senses, she experienced bleeding from her private parts when she realized that she had been raped.

The other members in the apartment and a few residents of the building came to know of the incident and took her to the police station to lodge a complaint. Narol Police Inspector SA Gohil said that they have taken Qureshi and Danawala in custody but Shaikh escaped in the commotion.

On why the other women were not charged, Gohil said. “ Certain parts in the statement such as Danawala latching the bedroom door and being inside the bedroom when the event occurred have attracted the charges of abetment.”

The statements of everyone linked to this incident have been recorded and the victim was taken to LG hospital for a medical examination.

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