A 22-year-old college girl gang raped in Mysuru: 5 arrested out of 6.

Safety, a term that provides security and comfort. A term which every individual keeps an eye out for their daily livelihood. Who provides us with security? Is it something which we beg or earn, or is it birth and human right? The doubts are innumerous and the answers try to fit in as well. But the real question is "Are we really safe?" Do we really execute it out? If the answer which our minds tell is "YES", then 'how?' and if it retaliates "NO", then why?

Sexual assaults and rapes have always been a part of society since the beginning of humanity. It would only make sense for it to be a part of college campuses, unfortunately. As a typical female college student is between the ages of 18-24, statistics show that the highest percentage of rapes takes place among women of this age. Similarly, a 22-year MBA student from Mysuru was gang-raped on the outskirts of the city on the 24th of August, on Tuesday.

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The police have arrested five of the six accused men in the gang rape of the student within four days after the brutish incident.

The young woman was from Maharashtra was studying in a private university in Mysuru. She, along with her friends were attacked in the Chamundi Hills, a popular tourists spot on the outskirts of the city, late in the evening on Tuesday.

A group of men, who were alleged to be drinking, saw the couple go into the forest and trailed them. The men then surrounded the couple threatening and stipulating a ransom amount of Rs. 3 lakh to let them free. As they refused to pay, the men thrashed the young woman's friend and two of the accused men allegedly raped her and inflicted some severe injuries.

This barbaric and petrifying incident made the people of Karnataka and people across the country furious with huge protests.

Araga Jnanendra, the Home Minister in Bengaluru, was also triggered for his disturbing comment where he said that the woman and her friend "should not have gone there", a victim-blaming remark which is still wide-ranging in sexual assault cases throughout the country.

He also said, "An FIR has been registered and our officials have been sent to Mysuru from Bengaluru. I am also going to Mysuru tomorrow. This is a very unfortunate incident.

According to the police, the accused are daily wage-earners and also habitual offenders and are facing criminal charges including robbery. They also confirmed that they reside in the district of Sathyamangalam, neighboring Tamil Nadu.

They visited Mysuru and then returned to their respective houses after robbing lone travelers and women of their valuables.

The police also said that one of the six men is a juvenile of 17 years old.

How far has the world gone? Is humanity still alive? When will the girls be safe? The nation belongs to all. Every citizen is free. Is it mankind or the laws which will give her justice? Or she would live her life with this unwanted stain on her forever.

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