A 95 year old wakes up to life during his last rites .

Source:- DNA India

95-year-old Gujjar wakes up from his death bed at Jhunjhunu district. Buddh Ram Gujjar who lived in Khetri tehsil wakes up to life after been declared dead by the private doctor. The last rites were being conducted by the priest and the family members had already shaved off their heads.

His 65-year-old son, Ballu Ram declared that when he was taken for the customary bath, the Dead Man woke up to life and surprised his family members with joy and happiness.

According to his son, Buddh Ram Gurjar had fainted on Saturday afternoon and was shown to a local doctor. The doctor without doing proper examination declared him dead.

When the relatives poured water on his chest he started to shiver and was taken to the bed by one of his family members. He started to breathe and after sometimes sat down on the bed. When he was questioned by the family members he told them that he felt acute chest pain and had slept.

Balu ram says that if his father had been dead, they couldn't have celebrated this festive season, but this time the celebrations were going to be huge.

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