A benchmark of 86 lakh citizens vaccination June 21.- Shree Narendra Modi Ji.

Image source - Financial Times


The truth never hides.

People were criticizing the government for the irregularity in the vaccination and also in increasing the period for the second dose. On 21 June, India made a benchmark in the world by vaccinating 86 lakh citizens. Further, on June 9, China had made a revolution by vaccinating 2 crore people in a is a single day.

It all came into reality benchmark just as the vaccine drive came in the hands of only the government.

Here is the tweet from our honorable health minister-

Whole of government” and “Whole of society” were the key junctures of this revolution.

All state governments vaccination campaign reports-

1. 16.9 lakh doses were derived on June 21. On average, states must have 9.5 lakh doses from June 13 to June 16. Unfortunately, the state government failed to do the same.

2.Karnataka was the state to execute 11. 21 doses of vaccines on Monday. If I talk about the news on June 20 only 68,172 quantities of vaccines were driven.

3. Uttar Pradesh witnessed 7,25,898 vaccines on Monday. Only 8,800 vaccines were given on Sunday.

Central Government new policy, (June 7) -

The central government will grant for free of cost all the vaccines and also took in charge from the hands of the State Government.

All the private medical industry can purchase the vaccines directly from the company with only a service charge.

Many people decried the change in the policy since there is a scarcity of vaccines worldwide.

Supreme Court’s statement -

‘Arbitrary and unfair’ policy of the central government.

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