A boost of morale for Indian Media

A ray of positivity bloomed over the mass-media industry when the latest research published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ)'s on Digital News Report 2021, flashed a faith of the Indian audience in the subject of "trust in news". The online survey was carried out in 46 countries to examine the pattern of news consumption to which India has positioned itself in the 31 ranks. Finland topped the study with 65% and the USA is the lowest among all.

The pandemic has shown the value of accurate and reliable information when lives are at stake.

With the help and support of the Asian School of Journalism (ASJ), RISJ could survey the Indian subcontinent on the framework of trust in news, the condition of press media in the ongoing pandemic, and the fake news environment, and other consumable patterns of news. And it was the first time they included the Indian media in its report. Surveying the subset of a larger market, which mainly included English-speaking city dwellers, well-off individuals with a decent education. The finding cast a light on the appetite pattern of Indians where nearly 73% of the respondent rely on smartphones to access news and 83% of people use online sources such as social media. Out, of which 63% of users rely completely on platforms like WhatsApp and YouTube, which is termed as the hotspot of misinformation.

The researchers also pointed out the growth in trust across the countries has hiked and In India, the print media and government-owned media houses have kept a high level of trust among consumers, and the overall study suggested 38% of people in India trust news.

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