A Deaf and dumb girl was brutally gang raped in Bihar

According to the police, A 15 years old girl was who was deaf and dumb was brutally gang-raped in Bihar. Her eyes were damaged too with a sharp object so that she can't identify those culprits.

Doctors had said that "both the eyes of the girl were deeply damaged, but till now they can't confirm whether she will completely lose her eyesight or she can be cured."

According to the information, three accused persons were arrested by the police on Tuesday. The village head said that "the girl had taken her goats for grazing to a field outside the village with some other children."

After gang-raping the girl all three culprits left her in a barren field. A child informed the girl’s family about the incident. The family members found her lying unconscious in a barren field in a village.

After rescuing from that place family members took the girl to the nearest community health centre for medical treatment. But their doctors referred her to a hospital in Madhubani. Where she is under medical observation, police said.

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