A disgrace for a nation: Mumbai Fake vaccination Drive

Image Via - Reuters

A country which is struggling with the deadly virus, covid and it is developing forms and to end this catastrophe, country officials are working seamlessly to inoculate every 1.3 billion citizens rapidly. Despite being aware that certain people are afraid to cooperate with the drive, some people are misleading the crowd with a fake vaccination camp.

On May 30, a complaint was filed by the resident of the society, named Hiranandani Heritage that they arranged a vaccination drive for its residents and claimed that a person who disguised himself as a sales representative of Kokilaben Hospital provided them with 400 jabs whose cost was around 5 lakhs each costing Rs. 1250. As of today, in connection to the complaint, the police arrested a couple DR. Shivraj Pataria and his wife DR. Nita, who were fraudulently supplying leftover vaccines from Shivam Hospital. They were supplying the vaccines to Dr. Manish Tripathy and Mahendra Singh who were running a fake vaccination camp. Altogether 11 camps have been seized by the police with a ferry van and an amount pertaining to Rs.12.40 Lakh. According to the police, around 1.50 lakh people have been benefitted from this fake vaccination drive.

According to the police, the Shivam hospital owners did not return the leftover vaccine to BMC and the authorities of the hospital did not provide the amount of vaccine prescribed to the people and used such vials for illegal purposes. The main accused Mahendra Singh, who ran fake vaccination camps all around the city, especially to the emerging societies, has cheated them by charging high prices and delivering the unauthorized vaccines. It is suspected that they have been mixing the jab with water to vaccinate people and till now they have arrested around 7 people in connection to the scam.

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