Kolkata Boy won the Youth Photographer of the Year 2021

A 20 years old young boy Pubarun Basu from Kolkata won the Youth Photographer of the Year 2021 at the Sony World Photography Awards in April. His image was titled " NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY"

The star of the show- No Escape from Reality

Image source - Direct from Pubarun Basu

Pubarun Basu is basically a second-year student of English at Bhawanipur Education Society College. He is titled the first Indian for winning this award This competition is hosted by the World Photography Organisation, which is based in London. Probably this is the 14th year of the competition, and it received over 3,30,000 submissions from over 220 regions around the world. The Youth category had submissions from the age group of 12 to 19. This award was Established in 2007 by CEO Scott Gray. The World Photography Organisation is basically a global platform for photography initiatives. This involves people and organizations from over 180 countries.

Pubarun Basu with his camera, finding beauty in the ordinary and mundane

Our Truth Spoken team caught up with Pubarun for a chat

1. What are your feelings after getting declared as the winner of this award? Honestly, I still haven’t got my head around the fact that I have been declared as this year’s Youth Photographer of the Year. It feels unreal, and the love I’ve received from people all over the globe has been truly overwhelming. 2. What was the driving force behind this photography? I wanted to portray a sense of entrapment through this photograph. It reflects how I felt during the lockdown, quarantined at my house. 3. How did you find out photography to be your perfect fit as a passion? I started experimenting with photography from a very tender age. I had all kinds of photography gadgets lying around at my home and would take a keen interest in them. However, it was not until 15 that I started doing photography seriously. Living right next to the river Hooghly in North Kolkata, I had a wide range of subjects to shoot and that really motivated me to go out every day and capture photographs. 4. Who are the people you admire the most in this field? My ultimate inspiration in this field is my father, who is a professional photographer. He has guided me all over the years, and I’m grateful to him for his teachings. I have looked at some extraordinary pictures of the legends in this field and have got deeply inspired by them. 5. Last but not least, what inspires you behind the passion for learning photography? I love documenting people and their culture. What drives me most to take a picture is the ability to capture a fleeting moment in time, which would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Pubarun is an example of "talent has nothing to do with age"

We genuinely thank Pubarun for creating time for answering our questions. We wish you all the best for your future. Being an Indian we are feeling proud, as his achievement is the pride of India. Hope we will get some more people like Pubarun, who will take India to the top and make us feel proud.