A holy bath in Godavari turned out to be unfortunate for six people in Telangana.

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On April 2, six people from two families drowned in the Godavari river while taking a holy dip at a village in Nizamabad district of Telangana, A group of 20 people (all relatives) from Ellammagutta, Deekampally, Maklore, and Nizamabad had gathered at VIP Pushkar Ghat in Pochampadu for a family-related religious event organized for a 2-year-old boy. That is when a few of the members took a holy dip in the river. The deceased identified as Bobbili Srinivas (40), his sons Srikar(14) and Siddharth(16), Suresh(40), and his son Raju(24) and Yogesh(16) went inside the river. By that time, Srikar started drowning as he had gone deep inside the river. Seeing him in need of help, the rest of the members tried to rescue Srikar, but they themselves drowned. There was another teenager, Ravikanth(14) who was luckily saved by the locals. Other people in the group immediately called the cops, who deployed local swimmers. After searching for one hour, the bodies of 6 people were recovered. A large number of devotees gather on Fridays to offer a Teppa Deepam (raft lamp) at the ghat.

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