A huge section of cliff collapses onto beach in South Tyneside

A resident, Samantha Lawson, from Jarrow, had captured the rock collapse on camera.

A huge section of cliff collapsed on to the beach at a popular beauty spot. Yesterday afternoon, the cliff face gave way at Marsden, South Tyneside.

A resident, Samantha Lawson, from Jarrow, had been walking along the beach with her partner Lewis and dog Vinnie captured the rock collapse on camera.

Samantha Lawson said, "it started with a few small rocks falling before another part of the cliff then gave way."

She added, "We were just walking from the Marsden Grotto steps, as we do every weekend, and Lewis always says that it won't be long until the cliff gives way. Then, all of a sudden, a few tiny rocks started to fall so I started to video it and the whole cliff just gave way. I give out a bit of a nervous laugh in the video as I was a bit concerned for the dog, we always throw rocks on the beach for him as he likes to chase them, so I thought he was going to run over to it. Thankfully we weren't any closer to the cliffs and I think it is quite fortunate that no one was really on the beach at the time as it is usually pretty busy. It's just crazy that we were able to catch it on camera."

According to the information, Samantha later raised the alarm with the emergency services. Northumbria Police reached the spot and launched a joint operation with the Coastguard to ensure the area was safe.

A Sunderland Coastguard spokesperson said, "We took part in a joint operation with the coastguard to assess the area. The coastguard has checked it over and it has been deemed safe to members of the public."

He added, "Cliffs can be more unstable than they look, and cliff falls/landslides can happen without warning. Take note of any warning signs, don't climb over fences to get to/or approach the cliff edge and never climb the cliff as a short cut to the top. The tragedy could easily occur if any of the above advice is ignored."

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