A man was arrested for supplying expired food items

Image source- Times Now News

On Monday, a man residence of Hyderabad got arrested by the Langer Houz police, for supplying expired food items among the stores which are in the city.

The Hyderabad police have seized almost Rs 1.5 lakh of expired food items. When they raided a godown, they find all those expired items were there.

According to the information, the accused Laxmi Narayana was illegally altering all the dates of expired products by using various tools.

Items were seized:-

Police have seized all the brands' products which are already expired. When they opened the packets, they find some of them had layers of fungus on them, which can be extremely dangerous if we consumed them.

Joint commissioner said:-

Joint commissioner of police (West Zone) AR Srinivas said, “When some packets were opened, we found the sweets had fungus on them. The accused’s actions have posed danger to the health of those who consume it.”

The police have also seized an auto-rickshaw which was used for transporting those expired items. They arrested the accused on the charges of cheating repeatedly.

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