• Srijani Purkait

A new vent in sexual assault: CBI arrests UP Government Engineer in over 50 alleged cases

According to the current news sources, CBI has arrested a junior engineer in the department of irrigation, Government of Uttar Pradesh. He has been allegedly involved in sexual assault of over half a century of minors. He didn't stop here. Instead, he has successfully uploaded them on the dark web for over a decade now.

The engineer, named Rambhaban, is a resident of the Chitrakoot district of the same state. He was arrested from his residence last day with a reported crime of exploitation of children of age groups between. 5-16 years. The victimized children mostly belong to the districts of. Banda, Chitrakoot, and the surrounding areas of UP.

In an interrogation carried out by the CBI, Rambhaban had himself acknowledged his deeds and subsequently recording them and releasing into the dark web. After a raid at his home, an amount of are8 lakh cash, mobile phones, laptop, web camera, other electronic storage devices, even several sex toys have been seized.

Further investigation has revealed how he used to lure children with these gadgets. With respect to the received data, the police is now taking action against the accused.

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