A rape victim files complaint after 27years as her son enquired about her Father's identity

The victim, who was raped and became a child mother at the age of 13, has lodged a case against the accused after 27years, as her son inquired about his

father's identity.

An incredible act of bravery and self-esteem has surfaced online, as a rape victim files a complaint against 2 men after 27years of the incident in Sadar Bazar, Delhi.

Raped several times by two men at the age of 12, about 27 years ago, who became the mother of a son, has finally decided to open up about the horrible past of her life and demanded justice after her son inquiry about his father's name.

According to the report, about 27years ago, the victim was living with her sister and brother-in-law in the city, one man, identified as Naki Hasan of her locality entered the house when she was alone and raped her.

Sanjay Kumar, SP( City) told yesterday that, based on the woman's complaint after Naki Hasan, his younger brother Guddu also raped her and she said she was raped multiple times by both of them.

She was 12 years old at the time of the incident, she got pregnant one year later and gave birth to a baby boy in 1994. The baby was given to a person belonging to the victim's native village Udhampur, under Shahabad police station. She moved to Rampur as her brother-in-law got transferred there.

Later she got married to a man in Ghazipur but after 10 years of their marriage, her husband divorced her when he came to know about the rape and she returned to Udhampur.

In the meantime, her son grew up and enquired about her birth parents and was only told only his mother's name. The boy found and met his mother finally. He came to know the whole incident, furthermore, he convinced his mother to take necessary actions against the accused and they lodged a complaint of gangrape at the Sadar Bazar Police Station. But as the police denied to take her complaint she moved to Court and ultimately Kumar said the police are starting an investigation, and a DNA test of the boy will be done as soon as possible.

The real-life story of the victim can easily beat any Bollywood movie e.she has suffered enough and it's a very bold and positive move taken by her after such a long time. It will surely inspire numerous other girls who don't dare to open up about the offenses they have experienced at any point of time of their life.

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